The online software for your
Doggie Daycare and boarding

It's time to implement a new innovative management software that
helps you manage your day!

Milisa is based on a innovative, yet simple idea - a shared, real time, daycare communication platform, accessed from your desktop, tablet or smartphone. A software specific for the dog daycare and boarding business.

Get rid of all daily paperwork and change your day with an easy and fast dog daycare and boarding software. Our objective is to let your daycare save a lot of time, NOT doing paperwork, and spend the saved time doing what you do best:
Taking care of the dogs.

When you have to multitask,
Milisa is the solution!

Milisa gives you an easy online overview of your Dog Daycare and Boarding. Follow all the Check in, activities and services provided through our digital Check in list or even more detailed on the dog profile.

With our software you can manage your Dog Daycare while simultaneously handling your boarding, bookings and appointments. Everything in one place, available on all types of platforms and accessible wherever you are.




Simplify your administration
and operation

With Milisa you can:

  • Make a quick dog Check-in on our digital Check-in list.

  • Have a total overview of all the dog activities in your daycare. Such as: Grooming, training, washings, meals, vaccines, etc.

  • Create your own services and activities in the system and register everything on the dogs' daily report card.

  • Conduct multiple dog Check-in's via the daily "dog class".

  • Personalize functions in the software so it attends to your needs. We try our best to attend to all your specific needs and with your feedback we try to make our software even better.


Managing your daycare is everything!

  • Use our statistic to follow and develop your dog daycare and boarding. It is very important to have an overview, month by month, of your business status.

  • But Milisa not just offers you statistics, but also a range of reports that will help you review your growth as well as manage and analyze your business.

    For example:

    • A Check-in report for your entire daycare and boarding.

    • Cost report for each dog and family.

    • Vaccine report with alerts.

    • Product sales report.

  • And much much more………………………….


Communication is fundamental to gaining loyal clients.

  • Our smartphone app keeps all dog owners up-to-date with statuses and activities. You can report all this quickly and easily in real time from your desktop, tablet or smartphone.

  • Use our Newsfeed to keep clients updated with the daily events and activities at your Dog Daycare. Send photos and videos of the dogs to their owners and bring a smile to their faces. :-)

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Monthly subscription

No commitment, monthly payments

No start up fee

Unlimited runs

Unlimited users and devices

Unlimited clients and dogs

Free training via Skype.

Unlimited support via Skype, telephone and e-mail

We know that there is big business and then there is small business. That's why we offer the right price for every type of dog daycare and boarding.